Walk around Queens with La Sirena

There’s nothing like summer in New York City. The sun’s out, the air is warm, and we’re all outside, hanging out and in a far better mood than we’d been all year. Summer is the time to do all those activities you’d been wanting to do since February, so why not add a tour through the Mexican areas of Queens to your to-do list?

Next Saturday, June 29, Dina Leor from La Sirena will be hosting one of her traditional walking tours, guiding her guests through Jackson Heights and Corona, visiting delis, restaurants, and stores that sell everything from CDs to traditional clothing. This tour is perfect for those who want to see the real, no-frills Mexican businesses of New York: the bakeries selling fluffy conchas, the shops offering jerseys from Mexican soccer teams, and the largest Mexican religious store in the city. It’s also a great opportunity to get to meet warm, friendly folks from south of the border. Whether you’re a homesick Mexican living in New York, or you just want to learn more about Mexico, you’ll surely enjoy the walk.

The tour starts at noon at a Mexican bakery where guests will fuel up before heading out to explore. If you want to reserve your spot in the tour, call 212-780-9113. The price is $18 per person, and Dina can also organize tours for groups.


*photo: queens.brownstoner.com


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